perjantai 26. elokuuta 2011

Night of the arts

Tonight it has been the night of the arts in Helsinki. For me it was more like night of the living dead after working the hole night and missing all the fun. Well at least I got to see a dear friend who picked me up from work and we wondered the streets just to accidentally finding ourselves from antiqurian bookshop drinking punch at 22.30pm. ;)
You see life is art and if it isnt, you can make it art =)

Here I want to introduce also some real art, from great young talented artists.
I chose here the pieces that relly hitted me!
I went in London to the Slade school of fine art, graduation show in june 2011.
My muse and great friend Nastja graduated as master of arts,
congratulations one more time babe =)

 Holly Birtles,

Nastja Rönkkö,

Malina Busch,

Georgie Flood,

 Ali Kazim,

Unknown artist.

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