keskiviikko 17. elokuuta 2011


Hello everybody and sorry for been gone so long! 
I hope time could be as long as those full fabric maxi dresses I love =) 
It seems that blogging is a bit difficult for me, cos of the constant lack of time. 
I hope this is the second last time that I have to awake my blog after months ;)
The hole spring was quite grazy with constant theatre practises and then the shows in june. 
After the shows I left for my holidays and traveled around Greece. 
First I was 3 days in London visiting my dear friend Nastja who had her final exhibition for her graduation of master of arts =) 
Then I went for a month in Greece to visit my second family and I was all around in the mainland and then at the amazing island of Santorini! 
Photos definetly coming up later =)

I wish that the summer wouldnt have to end,I got so little time to enjoy the finnish summer and its so amazing nature in here! I just wanna go all hippie and dance in the forest flowers in my hair =)

Dress: Gina Tricot (summer sales =)
Cardigan: DKNY

I couldnt put the video I wanted in the end, but check:

2 kommenttia:

  1. ihana toi viimenen maximekko !
    käy kurkkaamas mun blogi jos kiinnostaa:)

  2. Kiitos Jutta! Toi maxi oli kyl löytö. Kiitos Gina Tricotin kesä ale ;) Totta kai kävin Kouvola fanina sun blogia katsastamassa ja sait musta lukijan. Kouvola rules =)