tiistai 22. marraskuuta 2011


Winter kisses everyone, Im back!

Sorry again for my moment of blog death,
I cant believe I even missed my blogs 1 year birthday.
I wanna thank everyone whos been reading me trough this year and all the random visitors and all you people commenting and giving me support!
Writing this blog is like a grazy diary and hobby connected and it inspires me.
I hope and pray I will find time to make my post`s more regular!

Here is some videos and photos from october when I visited in Voice fashion week at the final day.
There was 3 great shows and the stylist of the fashion week had done amazing job! Big hand for Teri Niitti.
The 3 shows I saw were: The best of voice fashion week, Tiia Vanhatapio by Audi and Showcase (finnish young designers tribute show).

My favorite outfit at the show =)
If anyone knows the designer of this dress, please tell me!!!

My second favorite outfit of the show.

Thse videos sre from Showcase fashion show.
When I saw these clothes from designer: Linda Sipilä,
there was cold shivers going trough my spine.

Minna Hepburns collection. http://www.minnahepburn.com/

Katri/N collection. http://www.designbykatrin.com/

Mert Otsamo collection. http://mertotsamo.com


The stylist of Voice fashion week: Teri Niitti at left and the presenter of Voice fashion week: Jani Toivola.


3 kommenttia:

  1. cool!!!

    xoxo from rome

  2. Wow, how chic you look!

    I love when you said "writing a blog is like a crazy diary". That is it! Crazy, lovely, playful, where dreams come true of a place. Sometimes a space where to burst out, and to find support from where not expected, too.

  3. Karolina, Thanks darling =)

    Susu, Great words again! Blogging is a great way of expressing yourself. Blank page to fill in an universum, where anyone around the world can read it and make you feel not alone, never =) God bless blogging =)