keskiviikko 7. syyskuuta 2011

Little Sunshines

Wednesday it was time to meet some old friends, beatiful baby boy and  and my little god daughter with her sister.
Watching those little sunshines playing in the sun and getting all dirty and wild, really made my day! Kisses girls =)

Ps. Kiki thank you so much for making my day even more stunning and giving me the sunshine award =)
I promise to make the post soon!!
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My strawberry cake =)


H&M dress from second hand market.
DKNY cardigan
Dinsko Heels
Accesorise:  Little sunshine Emilia darling =)

Pps. I was wearing heels at the sandbox, cos I was heading to test the new just opened restaurant Kämp Signé.

If you want amazing decor, organic finnish superfood and fair prices,
Go to Kämp Signe!
The kitchen master, hunts and hand picks the ingredients partly himself from finnish nature & forrests.

And in the end, my days definete zest!
My little dirty fans are shouting my new nickname: Jasemun, Jasemun ;)

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