sunnuntai 13. maaliskuuta 2011

Material Girl

I  just found these Material girl collection photos online
and allmost jumped to the roof in my bed!
As it has already been announced, Kelly Osbourne is the new fashion muse for the spring/summer 2011 Material Girl collection. Its a colorful ad campaign that takes us back to Madonna’s roots in New York City’s East Village. The Material Girl is a fashion collection that Madonna and her beatiful dother Lourdes
has done together for the department store Macy´s.

As you can see Kelly is pure dynamite! She has been my inspiration for long time.
I really respect how she is willing to put her self out there, even after all what has been going in her life. I think she is a great role model
and has much still to give!

7 kommenttia:

  1. Ihan huippua! Madonna on mun yks lemppareista :)

  2. Madonna rokkaa , yes =) Harmi vaan, että Macy´s tavaratalo ei tietenkään postita eurooppaan =(

  3. Thank you Moniek and Maddalena =)

  4. "Desperately Seeking Susan" and 80s NY Madonna vibes... I so love.

  5. Tosi kiva toi mallisto!! :) Muuten se Marc Jacobs laukku on ebaysta ja se lintukoru on seppälästä! :)