tiistai 14. syyskuuta 2010

Green attacks with furious red

Im still not over red, I just love it in this autumn! But there has started to happen some mysterious green attacks to my style boulevard and it seems to be all around this seasons catwalk too!

                            Suvi   &  Miia,  green versus red.

               Jasmine di Milo my new designer love =)

Reasons: 1. She makes sooo my kind of style clothes 2. She´s half finnis 3. She has almost my name 4. Her mother went to school with my mother, no need to tell more!

                             Lotta, Green versus red.

                 Jean Paul Gaultier, fall catwalk, green versus red.


This was one of the neon green attack days! We went last week with Mia to vintage shopping and found her this gorgeus outfit!

         Bright Green in fall catwal. Chris Benz and Burberry Prorsum

Green is attackin mens fashion also!!
Michael Kors fall catwalk versus my friends Artos daily wear =)
Ps. It´s great that I have such fashion diva boyfriends. Pps: Arto & Zack dont kill me ;)

One of my favorite fall catwalk photos from mens green outfits, Jean Paul Gaultier.

Red obsession continues. D&G and Dior outfits from fall catwalk.


Diesel store Helsinki window, green versus red.

Zack, green versus red.

Last sunday I was selling at the second hand market with my friend Vera, who was mostly buying than selling ;) She found example that great khaki jacket with fur. Then at the next table I saw a lady with the coolest green jacket and had to portrait her too =)

 My this weeks favorite outfit! Thank you for the photos Tuukka! 

 And in the end my favorite green outfits from the fall catwalk. Designers: Dior and Chris Benz.


Cheers from my boulevard!!

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